As we embark on this passionate venture of goodwill with our friends in the global community, it is important to define the mission of Under the Baobab Tree, Inc., a Nonprofit 503 (c) Organization.  In this declaration, we must first establish roots to anchor our approach on future decisions and maintain a conscience effort to grow with the outlined principles stated in this mandate in order to build a healthy, organic, community-based organization.  We, the Board of Directors, are resolute on developing a culturally sensitive organization in order to establish a sustainable school and community in Namaso Bay, Malawi, Africa.  As a reference for future and current documentation, all decisions are to be guided with the thought that each student, family, community, environment, and culture will be carefully subjected to a rigorous review of impact by the Board of Directors, the Board of Advisors, and Community Council of Namaso Bay before any initiative is launched. 


Under the Baobab Tree, Inc. will work with any individual, group, or organization that has our philosophy of prosperity without agendas (either hidden or declared).  We believe that each community should be able to define its own ethical and moral place in this world, and it is not within our scope to create a biased view for one subjective agenda over another.  It is in our interest only to create new opportunities for growth in any community by providing manageable and sustainable objectives designed to simply enhance the current environment.


The school curriculum is to be designed with the Ministry of Education, Director of Schools, Community Council, and the Board of Directors so that the students can proceed to local universities, while incorporating a logical approach to community needs for information and resources.  Development and implementation of all resources will be made available via our website on a quarterly basis.  For future guidance in all decisions, the hierarchy of needs expressed by the Community Council will be given exceptional weight as we build our community and allocate our tangible assets.


Under The Baobab Tree, Inc. will engage in future exploration of relationships in private, public, government, and NGO sectors to enhance exposure for our organization and optimize available facilities.  Rapidly changing global marketplaces and ever-present turmoil can and will affect the growth and stability of our organization.  It is our responsibility to rapidly adapt to the changing market place without compromising our vision of a non-intrusive school in Namaso Bay, Malawi.  We are to maintain a fluid structure of management that is capable of creative solutions and opportunities in the community that will arise while sustaining sufficient clean water, food, education, and healthcare needs to the community.


If the Management and the Board of Directors of Under The Baobab Tree, Inc. create enough available resources through their fundraising efforts, to establish future developments, we will only move forward in allocating those resources if our initial objectives of a sustainable school and community of Namaso Bay have been achieved.  Under the Baobab Tree, Inc. is to utilize all avenues of fund raising including partnerships with for profit ventures, commercial licensing, and nonprofit organizations.  All proceeds from any marketing initiative and fundraising drive are to be stated on a quarterly basis via and used for the sole purpose of enrichment of the organization and community development.


Let us not forget that this organization, in its infancy, has yet to see the future events, trials and tribulations we will face. As we immerse ourselves on this incredible journey and are confronted with difficult decisions, let us reflect on the inspiration behind this project: A group of children, come rain or shine, attentively learning from a single teacher, with a single book- Under The Baobab Tree.